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We at QPAD build our success on a grass roots commitment to the gaming community. We thrive in competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. We provide the gaming world with premium high-quality equipment, giving eSporters, enthusiasts and casual gamers all over the world a winning edge.

In an industry dominated by gigantic multi-national corporations, QPAD is a breath of fresh air. The story of QPAD started in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 1992 when computer enthusiast and hardcore gamer Christer Kornback founded the company. The idea Christer had was to produce high-quality mouse pads suitable for gaming. Back in those days, gamers had no choice but to use standard office-grade mice and mouse pads.

In 1997, one of the World’s first eSport events was held in Stockholm; the Swedish Quake Championships. Christer - being a prominent member of the Swedish online gaming scene - was asked to produce a custom-sized mouse pad, considerably larger than the models available at the time. This was the birth of the first piece of premium eSport equipment designed with only gaming in mind. The mouse pad was the core of the QPAD product line for years, as the small one-man-business grew in both size and fame, earning respect amongst eSport athletes, gamers and computer enthusiasts all over the world.

Now QPAD has widened the product line to also include award-winning gaming-grade mice, headsets and keyboards. These include the World’s first mechanical gaming keyboard offering full NKRO through usb only, (QPAD MK-85) and the first laser gaming mouse actually usable for professional gaming purposes (QPAD 5K). With the launch of the QPAD Professional Gaming Headset 1339 the company further consolidated its place as a leading provider of premium gaming gear. The 1339 headset, based on the industry-leading technology of Beyerdynamics, is by many gamers considered the best gaming headset on the market today. ”

All of the products in the QPAD family carry the same legacy: passion for gaming and a true commitment to the gaming and eSport community. This is reflected in our sponsorship of the QTOUR, eSport athletes, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties all over the world.

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